Thursday, October 12, 2017

Bump Date - 15 weeks

15 weeks 

 Definitely a bump is starting but it is very small. My pants all do not fit but in most of my dresses you still cannot tell I am pregnant. 

I am literally always tired! And I have the most intense dreams. The other day I was so confused because I swore up and down that I had finished my class project, but in reality I hadn't even started it. I realized while searching through my computer for the material that it was in my dream that I worked so hard on my project. It felt so real that I honestly thought I had done it already!

The best moment this week actually did not have much to do with being pregnant but it was our Canadian Thanksgiving! We have started a little tradition of where we invite a bunch of our friends over for Canadian thanksgiving. No one ever knows that Canadians have a different thanksgiving than Americans so our friends get very excited for their additional thanksgiving in October. We make a turkey and ham and make a couple other sides, but mostly everyone else brings the sides. This year we had 15 people! We had to borrow the church's tables to fit everyone. It was pretty funny looking having 3 people moving tables and chairs back and forth from the chapel at 10 pm haha. 

I am determined to feel the baby! You might catch me holding onto my belly trying to feel SOMETHING. I feel a lot of movement but I cannot tell if it is just digestion or the baby or what!  

Milk and spicy things! 

Pretty much everything I feel like haha but definitely raw meat and fatty things.

We will find out in about a month! I am still thinking girl and Joseph doesn't know this week he says haha. He goes back and forth a little more than I do but I think he is still leaning towards boy.  

Oddly enough I am looking forward to the baby bump. I feel like I am in that awkward stage that people can tell I have a belly but they wouldn't dare ask me if I am pregnant. Im also at where things don't quite fit me but maternity things do not fit me either. I am so excited to be obviously pregnant!

Saturday, September 30, 2017

BumpDate - 13 Weeks

13 weeks as of Sunday! 

 A little already! I have heard that the first pregnancy that you aren't supposed to show early but I definitely feel like I am. 

I feel like I literally could sleep for days! I go to bed early and wake up as late as I possibly can before being late for school. 

Definitely when we got to see the baby! We went down to Vegas this weekend to see my sister before she leaves on her mission and my mom got me a groupon so that I could go get an ultrasound done! (apparently insurance only covers one and they are very expensive getting them done from a regular OB) Anyways we got to see the baby and it was moving like crazy! I am talking barrel rolls and leaping! 

I cannot feel anything yet but the baby is definitely moving! Just still too little I guess 

 I have been obsessing over caramel apples! I have to have one everywhere we go. Like at the mall the other day I bought a ridiculously expensive caramel apple because I just had to have it. And that is so not me! Other than that I feel like I have to eat what I feel like or else I will throw up.. but I don't crave a specific thing for a long time.. other than caramel apples haha. 

Raw meat and lunch meat! I cannot look at or smell or touch it.

We won't be finding out till about 20 weeks we have decided. We have both been back and forth but right now Joseph has a feeling it is a boy and I have a feeling that it is a girl. But Joseph only said that after I said I thought it was a girl and he loves being on the other side of me just to make things fun I swear! He does that with sports all the time.. so I am not convinced on what Joseph really thinks it is. 

Not to throw up anymore haha. I am tired of always feeling sick and I have heard that around now it should start to calm down so I am crossing my fingers!

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Puppy Love

My best friend and her husband just got the cutest puppy in the whole world! I couldn't pass up the opportunity of taking a couple pictures of the new family. He's a Aussie with the most beautiful/ softest fur, already super obedient, and full of love. Oh and don't forget about the chickens! haha hopefully one day this cute pup and those fun chickens will get along. They will be best of friends, they just don't know it yet. haha. 

Monday, October 24, 2016

Mountain Fall Engagements


These two are just too adorable! I absolutely loved shooting these mountain engagements. Ty and Marissa are good friends of mine from the mission so it pretty much was just like hanging out, except I was just the third wheeler taking pictures of them haha. These two just radiate so much light and happiness. It was amazing to catch their love in action. 

For inquires:

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Backyard Camp-Out

 This weekend Joseph and I were supposed to go camping, but Joseph ended up working late so I decided to surprise him with setting up the tent out in the back. He got home around 8pm, we had dinner, and I asked him what he was thinking about doing that night. He began to tell me about how we couldn't go camping now because it was too late. I of course pretended to be a little sad that we wouldn't be able to go camping but I told him that if he was up for it that I had a plan. I said it was a surprise though so I couldn't tell him. After dinner I took him outside where I had set up the tent. Joseph had explained to me earlier that he would rather just sleep outside without a tent so he could see the stars, but what he didn't know was that our tent had a see-through top so we could look at the stars all night anyways! I think that was what he was most surprised for. We watched our favorite show (Vampire Diaries.. for the second time around now) and then started the fire pit with our neighbors. Hot coco, marshmallows, chocolate, starbursts, the whole thing! It was a fun night.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Dental Hygiene School!

This is a picture of me from my first semester working on a fake patient! His name is Dexter (:

I started Dental hygiene school in May of this year (2016) and so far I have finished my first semester and I am half way through my second semester. I started seeing patients for the first time this semester and I absolutely love it! My favorite part is being able to implement all that I have learned so far and improve the dental health of others. Dental hygiene school is definitely one of the hardest things I have ever done. There are days that I come home crying and I feel so inadequate, but I know it will all be worth it on graduation day. I have had so many people ask me why I want to clean peoples' teeth for a living but it is actually really fun! For someone who hasn't cleaned teeth before that might sound like a really weird statement. I am really into painting and science.. literally those are my two favorite things and I have never been able to put the two together like I have with dental hygiene. Yes cleaning teeth is not painting, but it is more similar than you might think. I also just love the progression I have seen. I could talk for ages on how much I love what I do, but I won't. 
There are a couple things I thought were super interesting that I have learned in school that I didn't know before and I wanted to share! 

1. Flossing is not just to get food out of your teeth
I totally thought that flossing was mostly to get stuff out of in-between my teeth. But in reality the reason I needed to floss every single day is to disrupt the bacteria. Bacteria likes to grow on top of each other and after a couple days they produce this shield that protects them. If someone flosses everyday they break those bacteria apart from each other and then they cannot progress to something worse. 

2. Periodontitis is a gum disease that also effects the bone
Ok so most of us have heard of gingivitis, when our gums get all inflamed and they might hurt or might even make our gums bleed when we floss or brush. Well periodontal disease is what can happen after gingivitis if there isn't good oral hygiene. The sad part is, periodontitis is not reversible! It can be treated and contained, but it won't ever go back to normal. In periodontitis, the bone that holds our teeth in place gets destroyed and it cannot grow more after it has been destroyed. It can get so bad that there isn't enough bone to hold the teeth and then thats why people loose all their teeth when they get older. 

3. Bass technique
I never heard of this till school. It's one of the most effective way for an adult to brush their teeth. Instead of subbing (which is actually not good) it is important to angle the tooth brush at a 45 deg. angle toward the gums to get all the bacteria that is accumulating there! Here is a picture from:

Those are a couple things I have learned so far!